Watchlock Pro


Mechanical and Electronic industry leaders, Mul-T-lock and Starcom Systems have joined forces and expertise to produce and deliver the next generation high tech locking solution. WatchLock Pro combines advanced and patented technologies with innovative equipment and unique software to give you maximum control, ensuring you get the peace of mind you deserve when securing your valuables.


The High Security is provided by Mul-T-Lock. For close to 40 years, Mul-T-Lock has been designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing innovative High Security locking solutions to people, places and organizations globally. Adhering to the world’s most stringent standards, Mul-T-Lock High Security solutions are at work on every continent, in nearly 70 countries, and securing over 100 million users. Using advanced and patented technologies, Mul-T-Lock stays a step ahead of the market by anticipating customers’ security and operational needs.


As a member of the ASSA ABLOY group, and with availability through over 20,000 authorized and trained service centers, customers rely on Mul-T-Lock to provide proven, proactive and protective High Security locking platforms.


The embedded GPS and cellular communications capabilities are supplied by Starcom Systems Ltd. Starcom Systems Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets automated systems for remote monitoring and management of fleets of vehicles, containers and people. The systems provide a complete solution, consisting of innovative equipment and unique software. Thanks to the user-friendliness of the system, it provides useful and effective solutions for every need. With more than 15 years of experience and expertise, Starcom Systems distributes and sells its products through more than 110 technology partners and independent operators in more than 53 countries and its application operates in 32 languages.


There is no comparable product on the market that matches WatchLock's advanced technology, high security and innovative software that grants you the all-in-one solution for all your security needs.

The Watchlock Pro won Physical Security Innovation Product of the Year at the IFSEC Security Industry Awards in Birmingham in May 2012.




The WatchLock Pro robust and multi-functional design offers an all-in-one solution for a wide array of customer and industry needs, presenting these benefits as follows:


  • Maximum Control - WatchLock Pro will supervise all openings and closings and informs you of all entries and exits to and from defined areas. This in turn, will boost operational efficiency, granting you maximum control of your business. 
  • Real time Monitoring & Reporting - with WatchLock Pro you are consistently informed about the status of your property or valuables. 
  • Real time information is at your fingertips at all times, including any irregularities or breaches, so you can decide when your attention is warranted. 
  • Easily Operated - easy to use, reliable and simple to install without the need for new infrastructure or wiring. 
  • Secure - a robust high security padlock for enhanced protection and durability. WatchLock is designed to protect your company from intruders and thus is capable of withstanding physical breakage. 
  • Notifications - WatchLock Pro allows you to choose the communication device of your choice - whether cell phone, PC or tablet to enable you to react immediately upon receiving an alert. 
  • A Smart Investment - physical inspections of locks is both labor and time intensive. WatchLock Pro is designed to be cost effective saving you precious time and manpower


 Range Of Usages:


  • Ideal for remote or hard to-access infrastructures- such as mobile phone masts, electricity transmission towers and CCTV cameras, as it alerts on any opening of the lock.

  • Freight containers-as it tracks its location and send an alert if there has been a deviation from a pre-set route or time schedule, so is ideal for companies looking to protect their goods in transit or can be used for insurance purposes.

  • Movable assets - as it will trigger an alert if moved outside a defined perimeter, and its location can be tracked through real-time GPS lock system via the web-based application.

  • Tracking the exact opening and closing times - for management purposes.

  • Periodic reports - sent automatically by the system, thereby eliminating the need for onsite inspection of the padlock.

WatchLock Pro