Starcom Kylos Forever


If you need a long lasting device to watch over your assets or equipment placed in remote areas for months at a time, if you need a "once-a-day" notification to ensure that your equipment is operating securely, we have the right asset tracking device for you. Kylos Forever will watch over your assets or equipment placed in remote areas for months at a time, with its battery that lasts up to 3 years. This way, you can keep up with what's going in your most isolated sites, and reduce the risk of having your equipment stolen, lost or possibly forgotten.

Sure enough, while the device is in sleep mode, it will "wake up” and report in real time any situation which appears to be out of the ordinary or unexpected.


Kylos Forever is a standalone unit, capable of operating without the need for any connection or external wiring- this makes it easily hidden if required, for example in a motorcycle.


By Using Kylos Products


You are in control of almost all possible events and situations with its built-in sensors, automatic, remote operation, system stability and continuity.


You can save by quickly locating and recovering your lost or stolen item. Since the unit is small and easily concealed from view, you can keep track confidentially while it remains unnoticed. With its embedded GPS system, you can follow the path of your stolen bicycle or merchandise and easily recover your items.


You can rely on the system to provide essential information in real time so that you can make and execute effective decisions about your business and personal matters instantaneously. You can also be sure that you will be alerted to any irregularities or breaches, so that you can decide when your immediate attention is necessary.


You enjoy the convenience of a mobile and web based application that operates in 32 languages and includes detailed maps. As the application is mobile and web based, it can easily be accessed from anywhere, and at any time.


You gain flexibility and mobility due to its autonomic portable system and built-in battery that does not require an external power supply.


You enjoy a user friendly application that enables defining customized alerts and reports, their destinations and frequencies, in only a few simple steps.





  • A built-in light sensor will raise an alert if your high-end merchandise cargo is broken into, reducing the risk of your business falling victim to security breaches.
  • A built-in temperature sensor will proactively identify and react to a deviation from a preset temperature range, lessening the risk of delivering spoiled goods or medical supplies.



  • A built-in accelerometer will raise an alert if your parked bicycle is being moved, thus enabling you to always know if and when your personal valuables are being tampered with.

Kylos Forever