Starcom Helios Advanced


The Helios Advanced device meets the requirements of fleets of vehicles based in the most remote of locations and is used in applications requiring constant communication around the world. An ideal solution for use at sea or in remote land areas, as well as for mining or construction sites. The device effectively utilizes all available communication network resources, whether cellular or satellite, depending on what is available at the time, and will lower transmission costs compared to using only satellite transmission.

Stay one step ahead of your competition by incorporating innovative solutions from Starcom Systems to your product line. Helios Advanced will deliver everything your customer will need to run a successful fleet management, vehicle security and driver safety system.


System Stability- High Reliability


As a result of its inherent high durability and stability features, the Helios device is one of the top AVL systems in the market today, ensuring constant communication and an accountable long lasting performance.


Advanced Components And Modems- Selected Technology


Only the most advanced components are used in the manufacturing process to assemble the Helios. Each component is carefully selected and tested to create the most sophisticated and stable device for AVL. This also incudes, using cellular modems that have been authorized by the majority of leading professional operators in the world. The Helios utilizes the most advanced and sensitive GPS, including AGPS and Glonass.


The system can be custom-tailored to meet the individual needs and requirements of each business, and can be set to comply with local regulations. The web refined system is localized in 32 languages, and can be accessed from anywhere, using any kind of technological device – whether Tablet, mobile phone or PC.

The Helios system contains worldwide maps , for enabling to localize the work of the operator in every chosen region, for either local or cross-border use, an advantage that can be of great significance for fleet managers who supervise cross-border journeys of vehicles.


Worldwide Use And Operation- Access From Anywhere – Track At Any Time


The Helios has already been installed in hundreds of thousands of vehicles in over 50 countries worldwide, implemented in a wide range of usages, starting with security forces vehicles through distribution trucks to leased employees vehicles.


Open Events Generator – Personalized And Customized System


The Starcom Online Web Application will grant the user the ability to pre-set the system so that it is responsive to any customized event, whether single or multiple, specific or a combination of events. In addition the system will generate a diverse range of reports to assist in improving vehicle management efficiency and compliancy.

The system can trigger email or text message alerts either by a single event (such as excessive vehicle speed) or a combination of events (such as excessive speed in a particular area).


The Helios system is an “open” system which can be configured to integrate with other related solutions such as navigation systems or immobilizers. Reports can be tailored to cover a number of variables such as fuel consumption, working hours, driving violations and vehicles entering or leaving designated areas.
Recordable events include accidents, speeding, unauthorized loading/unloading and alerts when a specified mileage has been exceeded.


OTA Firmware Upgrade – Technological Uniqueness


Every single parameter of the unit, and even the firmware as a whole, can be remotely programmed OTA (over the air), enabling the remote upgrade of the unit with new features and settings, without the need for removal or re- installation of the unit. Thus saving on high expenses, labor force and the disabling and enabling of vehicles for lengthy hours.


Connection To Various Networks – The Freedom To Choose


The Helios control unit supports many different communication protocols, including GSM, CDMA, HSDPA, TCP/ IP and SMS, giving you the freedom to choose what suits your business best.
The Helios can also communicate alerts and information to mobile devices and to the Starcom Control centre (or any specified control centers).


Large Number Of Inputs And Outputs – Maximum Convenience


  • 8 Digital Inputs: usually used for Ignition, Emergency, Doors, Arming, and Disarming. Each input can be programmed to be used in order to trigger transmissions under any condition, and to arm or disarm the security system.
  • 3 Analog Inputs: each can be set to work in two different measurement scales. Example usages are external temperature sensors or fuel measurement without a need for external sensor.
  • 4 Digital Outputs: Usually used for Lock, Unlock, Siren, and Immobilizer.

Driver Identification In Four Different Ways – A Variety Of Complementary Solutions


By using alternative Dallas iButtons, Remote Controls, Keypad or RF Keypad Codes, the unit will send the code of the present vehicle driver to the center. This feature will deliver an added level of operational security to your business.


Built In Antenna And Accelerometer – All In A Box Solution


The built-in accelerometer serves as both an accident and harsh braking detector, triggering real time alerts for maximal driver and vehicle protection as well as driver behavior monitoring.

Helios Advanced